Lihalaatikko, pakkaskestävä

Koko vaihtoehdot

Tuote Tuote nro Koko Tilavuus Paino Maksimikuorma
Pieni 12.421 600х400х120 mm 25 l 1,5 kg 12,5 kg
Keskikokoinen 12.422 600х400х200 mm 40 l 2,0 kg 20 kg
Iso 12.423 600х400х300 mm 61 l 3,0 kg 30 kg


Specialized range of meat crates is designed to be used on roller conveyors. It is widely used in logistic schemes of meat processing enterprises. Made from high-quality raw material, the crates are safe for health and keep the contents fresh.
The design of the boxes provides quick cooling and freezing the contents. Due to its standard sizes, the crates E1, E2 and E3 are stacked perfectly on a polymer pallet 1200×800 mm.



Vakioväri punainen, mahdollisuus muihin väreihin