iBox 1200×800


The container is designed for the packaging and effective transportation of any goods, parts and components, food ingredients, semi-finished products, as well as for use in automated warehousing systems.

Being similar to European samples, but having an obvious advantage over them in price, the iBox is an optimum solution for the companies facing the task to optimize the transportation and storage of their goods. Perforation of the bottom and walls provides proper airing for the contents. The container is convenient for long-term storage of products, including fruit and vegetables.

The container version with solid walls is effectively used in fish, meat and dairy industries.
Manufacturing iBox Container of virgin polyethylene makes its use possible for industries with strict hygienic requirements, as well as for operation in cold shops and freezers. Equipped with drain plugs and valves, the container can be used for transportation and storage of liquid products.

The container is easily washable and does not require additional processing. Its useful lifetime is more than 10 years.


Paino 28.8 kg
Mitat 1200 × 800 × 800 cm